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Classic Children's Books

Classic Children's Books

Classic picture books are the perfect addition to every child's library. Whether given as a gift to celebrate a new arrival or as a story to enjoy one evening at bedtime, classic childrens books serve an important role and should not be overlooked.

They Represent the Best of the Best

Classic childrens books are "classics" for a reason- they are titles cherished by children and passed down from generation to generation. These books are typically replete with appealing illustrations, exemplary writing, identifiable characters and a captivating story line. In fact, it is because these stories excel in one or more of these elements of writing that they have endured so well across the generations, appearing on many "books you must read" lists. When we share these classic picture books with our children, we are setting the standard for future reading experiences - and a high standard at that!

They Build A Lifelong Love of Reading

Classic childrens books beg to be passed down from generation to generation because they are so enjoyable to read and to share. This is important because the more enjoyable our early reading experiences, the more likely we are to continue to read and enjoy books. Sharing a book that has withstood the test of time increases the likelihood of a pleasurable reading experience, which over time (and with repetition) leads to the development of a lifelong love of reading. 

Ease of Selection

As anyone who frequents the local books store, library or big box store can attest to, setting foot in the children's section can be an overwhelming experience. With thousands of titles to choose from, picking the right title for your child can be a daunting (and sometimes futile) task. Is the story line engaging? Is it well written? Is it age appropriate? Reaching for classic picture books helps ensure you have selected an engaging, well-written, story that will delight your child whether they are enjoying a read aloud, browsing through the pictures, or reading independently. All while making it easier for the shopper!

They Provide A Common Experience

One of the biggest benefits to choosing classic childrens books is the shared cultural experience it fosters. When parents and grandparents share favorites from their childhood with the special children in their lives, it encourages a powerful connection across the generations. The act of sharing, discussing and enjoying these stories can be significant.

In addition, cultural reference to classic picture books are everywhere. Crossword puzzles ask for the names of the Mallard's ducklings, social events are kicked-off with a rousing "let the wild rumpus start," and "I think I can, I think I can" is a common refrain for those needing an extra push. Furthermore, classics childrens books are continually being re-imagined as new movies, board games and toys- "Winnie the Pooh," "Mr. Popper's Penguins," and "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" have all recently been released on the big screen. References to classic picture books are everywhere in our society, and exposing our children to the stories behind them allows children to access and understand these references. Only then can they intuit the literary undercurrents of our society. 

Classic childrens books have an important role in our children's reading experiences. They expose us to the best, promote a lifelong love of reading, and foster connections. And, most importantly they are just plain enjoyable! Grab a copy of your favorite classic picture book and share it with a special child in your life tonight.

12 Classic Picture Books You Must Read
classic childrens books
Bread and Jam for Francis
by Russell Hoban
books you must read
by Don Freeman
classic picture books
Curious George
by H.A. Rey
books you must read
Harold and the Purple Crayon
by Crockett Johnson

classic picture books
The Little Engine That Could 
by Watty Piper

classic childrens books
Make Way for Ducklings

by Robert McCloskey

classic picture books

by Michael Bond
classic childrens books
The Runaway Bunny

by Margaret Wise Brown
books you must read
The Snowy Day

by Ezra Jack Keats
classic childrens books
The Story of Babar, The Little Elephant

by Jean de Brunhoff
books you must read
The Velveteen Rabbit
by Margery Williams
classic picture books
Where the Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak

These classic children's books are available as a Children's Book of the Month Club or as a Book Set for kids. Shop classic picture books.

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