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Best Baby Books

Best Baby Books

Babies experience a critical period of brain growth and receptivity to language during the first two years of life. One of the benefits of reading to babies is that it allows us to take advantage of this unique period of development. Help lay a strong foundation for your baby's language and literacy development by reading aloud to your baby from birth. Here we share 10 of the best baby books to read aloud to very young children. These books make great baby shower gift ideas as well!

Best Baby Books

Young children love looking at other babies. "Baby Faces" by Margaret Miller features up-close images of other children and bright, colorful pages showcasing a single word.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

"Black and White" by Tana Hoban showcases high-contrast black and white images of familiar objects on a unique foldout accordion book. This book is perfect for tummy time and as a conversation starter.
Benefits of reading

Touch and feel books, such as "Farm," provide plenty of tactile stimulation for young children. Babies love petting the dog and stroking the horse's nose.

Best baby books

Bold colors set against a monochromatic background highlight familiar objects. "Out to Play!" by Michael Blank  reinforces basic vocabulary and object recognition by focusing on simple everyday objects.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Young babies love the lilting rhythms and fun rhymes of these classic verses. "Tomie's Little Mother Goose" by Tomie dePaola includes a great selection of nursery rhymes perfect for little ones.

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Who doesn't love a tactile cloth book? Roger Priddy's "Fuzzy Bee and Friends," with its satiny snail shells, gauzy dragonfly wings, and flapping butterfly wings, holds particular appeal!

Best baby Books

Another popular choice showcases favorite childhood songs. Rafi's charmingly illustrated "Wheels On The Bus" is great fun for babies - particularly when accompanied by hand signals and movements.

Baby shower gift ideas

Peek-a-boo! Lift the flap and learn about body parts at the same time. Karen Katz's "Where Is Baby's Belly Button" engages children while teaching body parts and other simple vocabulary.
Benefits of reading

Dr. Seuss provides a fantastic introduction to sounds in his perennial favorite, "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You." 

Best Baby Books

It is never too early for a little humor. Leslie Patricelli's "Yummy, Yucky" introduces the concept of opposites, discussing which familiar objects are yummy and which are yucky. Anyone care for a snack of blue crayons? Yucky!

All of these books can be found in our Books for Baby collection. Or, shop our Childrens Book of the Month Club options and Book Sets for kids, all featuring the best baby books!

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