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As an educator and mom of two, reading has always been an important part of my life. After receiving a B.A. from Cornell University and a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Virginia, I worked as a special education teacher and reading specialist. Throughout my career, finding ways to engage children with books they love has been both challenging and very rewarding. My favorite moments as an educator have been the times I was able to get young children, particularly non-readers and struggling readers, hooked on reading. It’s such an exciting feeling to watch children embrace the opportunity to explore our world and experience adventure through books. 

As a mother, sharing a love of reading continues to be an important part of my life and has been a real lesson in “practicing what I’ve preached.” Through my professional career and my personal experiences, I’ve found that sharing a love of reading with children is a key factor in their success, and the choices of books they read is equally as important. This is where I knew I could make a difference. After all, I’m a person who has more books in my closet than clothes!

Four years ago, I decided my goal was to create a helpful resource for parents, grandparents and others to purchase quality books that could foster a lifelong love of reading for the children in their lives. Each collection at Laughing Giraffe Books has been carefully and purposefully created to include quality children’s literature and focus on a theme, which lets children explore common aspects while exposing them to a range of styles, characters and adventures. The added bonus – you can send the books as gift sets or have them arrive each month, colorfully wrapped and sent directly to the child. What child doesn’t love opening a beautifully wrapped package – tearing through the ribbons and paper full of anticipation for what’s inside? 

Since Laughing Giraffe was founded in 2011, thousands of books have made their way into the hands of special children. Whether you’re purchasing for your own child or giving a gift, I hope you enjoy shopping our collections. 

Thank you for sharing the gift of reading with the children you love.


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