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    Corporate Philosophy

    Corporate Mission

    We will amaze, impress and satisfy our customers who seek an even better tomorrow by communicating and responding promptly to customer needs with know-how and technical expertise that make the impossible possible, thereby changing conventional wisdom.

    Three Way Harmony

    Good for customers, good for society and good for our company. SHINKO DENSHI CO., LTD. strives to be a company that grows and develops through the combined efforts of its employees, earns the trust of its customers by ensuring their satisfaction, and contributes to the creation of a prosperous society.

    Code of Conduct

    • To do work with a pride to oneself.
    • To value relationships with people.
    • To challenge and grow up, we think hard and achieve the goal with great effort.
    • Let's enjoy work and life.
    • To value and recognize each other with different personality.