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    Message from our President

    Our business started in 1963 as the manufacturer of Differential Transformer for High Precision Displacement Measuring Apparatus. Since the establishment. Shinko Denshi has strived with keeping challenge spirit filled with creative idea in mind. In its history, we have produced the world first unique products such as electronic balance, cubing&weighing equipment and have replaced old habitual sense with innovative idea. and had rewritten global common sense. Especially. the world first electronic balance using Tuning-fork sensor which is the symbol of our technology has gained high reputation as unique weighing technology made in Japan. Our entrepreneurship lies in our tradition that we produce innovative products and provide customers with new values based on flexible thinking and agility. "Passion and affection for challenge" is our company DNA, supporting to our principle. This mentality is inheriting amongst employee ever since the establishment. The Past has created the Present, and the Present create the Future. so that we consider challenging spirit is the most important factor for the company. We keep challenging to create new value. in order for Vibra brand to be world beloved products, and for ourselves to live with pride.

    Shinsuke Sakamoto