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    Case of the introduction(Chemical)

    Resolving power and warm-up speed as the deciding factor for the introduction of Tuning Fork Sensors

    Chemical manufacturer, precision manufacturer


    The introduction of items with explosion-proof constructions was necessary for the various machineries used at our factory making components for precision machineries since most areas were hazardous. For Balance & Scale we have chosen to introduce products GZ and FZ series by Shinko, which met Japan's explosion proof standards.

    Prior to the introduction of the system, we were facing difficulties in measuring raw materials upon the production of new products due to alack in resolving power of the Strain Gauge Sensor's Balance & Scale, and as a result were considering the introduction of Balance & Scale with electromagnetic sensors. However, we came to know the existence of Shinko's Balance & Scale with tuning fork sensors, with a higher resolving power compared to Strain Gauge Sensors with a faster warm-up time than Electromagnetic Sensors.

    We have since been a long-time business partner of Shinko's and have been making accurate and safe measurements with the 80 unites of Balance & Scale that have been introduced.