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Laughing Giraffe Books’ Book Sets for Kids


Laughing Giraffe Books creates fun book sets that engage young readers. Our books sets for kids are built around well researched children’s titles that will entertain, enrich and educate children - newborns, toddlers and kids up to age 8.

Laughing Giraffe Books’ childrens book sets are available with either gift set or book of the month delivery. No matter which delivery option you choose, you are guaranteed a fun, educational and enriching gift that keeps on giving!


Laughing Giraffe Books’ book sets for children are researched and hand selected by reading specialists, parents and teachers, and represent the best titles from thousands of available options. Featured books include classics, retro favorites, modern must-haves and noteworthy newcomers. We do the work so that you don’t have to!

Book Sets for Kids


Choose from over 80 different children book sets centered on favorite childhood themes. The ability to select book sets for children targeted towards the recipient’s interests- whether dinosaurs, princesses, pirates or fractured fairy tales- ensures a better fit between book and reader. The more interesting they find the subject, the more engaged young readers will be when reading the book. This in turn leads to a more enjoyable reading experience.


Our book sets for kids are perfect for gift giving! Young readers receive a carefully selected collection of beautifully wrapped books shipped right to their door. And, our signature gift wrapping and shipping is included. There are never any hidden charges or fees- just fun, engaging books!

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Having trouble deciding which book sets for children to get? Can't decide between gift set or  book of the month delivery? Consider giving a gift card to Laughing Giraffe Books. Are you looking for something specific? The experts at Laughing Giraffe Books would be happy to create a custom collection just for you.

Childrens book sets are a great way to encourage the special child in your life to develop a love of reading. Among the competition, Laughing Giraffe Books is unique in offering expertly selected, gift ready options designed to engage young readers. Consider giving the gift of reading to a special child in your life today!

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Laughing Giraffe Books

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